Welcome to Blissed™

An Inward Sanctuary™ and Wellness Retreat Center

Turn to Us for an Enriching Getaway To Unplug and Recharge

At Blissed Inward Sanctuary™, we’ve spent our lives working to help others understand and achieve this inner peace and joy. Blissed was built for those in need of a peaceful space to find their balance, clear the mind and return to what’s important.

Hello and Welcome

We all need to take a little time to catch our breath, to make sense of the world whirling around us. When life becomes that busy, it’s important to take care of your health, your spirit, and your outlook on the world. In the same way we take time to work through our real-world problems- the money worries, the relationship bumps, the business bruises- we must be mindful of the changes going on inside ourselves
as well.

Welcome a return to your Inward Sanctuary™ at our little plot of Bliss.   

Mission Statement

Our mission at Blissed™ an Inward Sanctuary + Wellness Retreat Center aka CreateWhole™ Wellness Services, is to help you in your exploration and implementation of the physical, emotional and psychological nourishment that can result in living and maintaining a revitalized, bliss-
filled way of life.


We at BLISSED RETREATS wish you all a
Happy, Healthy, Productive and Prosperous New Year!
It’s that time of the year when there’s a sense of newness and
possibilities in the air and we turn our focus to intentions.
If one of your intentions in 2022 and beyond is to LOVE YOUR BODY
BETTER, here are 4 Simple Tips to help you get started:

1. Drink more water

Blissed Retreats

2. Get more sleep

Blissed Retreats

3. Think positive thoughts

Blissed Retreats

4. Have fun

Blissed Retreats

We found a bountiful tract of land nestled in the still, Lowcountry of South Carolina. With nature like this, it wasn’t difficult to create a space where worries melt and passions flourish. Find remedy in creative writing, poetry, music, spoken word, meditation and other soulful adventures. The healing arts available during your stay range from Reiki and Quantum Touch, to organic food and laughter yoga. No matter your style, your personality, or your intentions, you’ll feel more at home than you’d ever imagine. 


We offer the ideal location for personal or group meditative retreats, creative workshops, weddings, reunions, or short getaways. Blissed Retreats is suited for all, the perfect place for anyone from artists to executives!

Amenities and Services

COVID-19 Update

Dear Clients,

First and foremost, we hope that you and those around you are all safe and well. Many of you have been wondering whether we still offer onsite transformational retreats amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which has cause severe disruptions to daily lives across the world.

The health and safety of our clients is our top priority.  We have very strict measures in place to make sure that we do our part to stop the spread of the virus. During this unprecedented time, we will be offering virtual retreats at Blissed™ and will return to in-person accommodations
in the future.

Stay safe!