An athlete reaching the finish line


(February, 2022)

Everybody doesn’t want to achieve certain social status goals that describe a prosperous or famous person. They may just want to be content with what gives them joy, peace and happiness without the abundant wealth.

Whatever the desire is can be found by being quiet and going within to listen to the still voice that whispers and guides you, if you’re listening.

You may discover that what others may want for you, may not be what you want for yourself.

After going within, spending introspective time, listening, feeling the joy and peace that

permeates your being, filling you with excitement and enthusiasms, you may want to constantly experience this pleasurable happy feeling in your life. If so, then decide to get laser focused on setting a plan into action and being persistent in doing what it takes to implement that plan.

So, become that artist who sets up his/her easel and blank palette, gather the colorful, joyful paints to design and paint your life’s journey and be consistent in bringing your plan for yourself into existence.