Love Your Body Better Coaching Program

  • What is it? The mission of Love Your Body Better is to support you in developing a planned course of action to be implemented consistently in order to promote your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This program will help you stop destructive food habits, release negative thoughts about your imperfections, deconstruct food cravings, trim your waistline, and increase self-confidence.
  • Who is it for? It is for any woman (or man) who wants to take charge of his/her health and wellness and feel more energized. It is the perfect coaching program for women or men who are ready to feel more beautiful/handsome, to accept and embrace her body in all it’s luscious or handsome, vivacious ways without shame, judgment or guilt.
  • When? Love your body better (LYBB)  is a 5-week group coaching program that begins March 21st,2022 through April 22nd, 2022.

A 5-Week Group Coaching Program aims to:

✓ Stop Destructive Food Habits

✓ Release Negative Thoughts

✓ Deconstruct Food Cravings

✓ Food Combining Practices

✓ Trim Your Waistline

✓ Increase Self-Confidence


  • One (1) 75-minute zoom coaching call

  • Love Your Body Cleansing Recipes

  • Invitation to private Facebook Group

  • Weekly Love Your Body Tips

  • Love Your Body Workbook Guide


  • One 30-minute one-on-one individual coaching call ($300 value)
  • Bliss Audio Meditation ($197 value)
  • Spoken Word Affirmations ($97 value)

Investment: $497

(Valued at $1897)

What people are saying about this program:

“If you are in need of a planned course of action to better your life, this is the program for you.  Even if you enter without a goal in mind, you will be led to focus on some aspect of “you” that may need a tune up.  The approach is gentle, but well thought out and lovingly presented.  Consider it an investment in your future.”

“I learned unproductive things about myself and how to make changes to make me feel good.”

“It was my pleasure to learn and benefit from the Love Your Body Food Habit Detox Cleanse program!  Veronica Lynch is an awesome instructor, educator and facilitator. What a great experience, try it for yourself.”

“I truly enjoyed this program and would recommend it 100% to anyone who is interested in improving their diet, and developing healthier eating habits to achieve optimal health.”

“In this program I found a wonderful and caring group of women who, like I, wanted to better ourselves.  I gained a better understanding of healthy food choices and how foods, including preparation style, affect body, mind and soul…I highly recommend this program!!!”