Being Confident in Your Own Skin

(3/22) Self-confidence is being self-reliant and self-assured in your ability to achieve personal and professional success.

Being confident is to feel grounded and secure in your authentic self and to know how you choose to successfully share your unique gifts in the world.

To be confident in your own skin you possess a quiet knowing of your capabilities to listen to your intuition and the power to take action on those messages without being attached to any outcomes.

When you are comfortable in your own skin, you pay close attention to your inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs without shame or judgment. You are mindful of your own perspectives without concern for what others feel or believe about you.

To be confident in your own skin is to be willing to regularly shine the light of awareness on the many subtle and overt blessings in your life for which you are grateful.

Being confident in your own skin helps you achieve greater personal and professional success and allows you to make positive impacts in the world.

When you’re confident in your own skin, you are able to love yourself, holistically, unconditionally without apology.

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It is now well known that we are Souls having a human experience in a physical body that needs to be nourished.

We need to nourish all parts of ourselves to sustain our well‑being.

Different parts of our body need different foods. We care for our physical body by feeding it food that we put into our mouths like: whole grains, vegetables and fruits, good fats and not processed foods.

On a spiritual level, we need to feed our Soul. The food nourishment our Soul needs is not the food we consume by mouth. The Soul thrives on nourishment like: being kind to ourselves and others, creating a peaceful environment, having love for self and others, feeding our minds empowering thoughts, letting go of negative and destructive habits that could overwhelm or stress our mental faculties, practicing gratitude by speaking things we’re grateful for or journaling statements of gratitude daily, practicing mindful living- being in the present, and developing a spiritual practice and creating quiet time for ourselves.

We must create union among all the parts of ourselves – the human and the Divine. Developing a healthy ego and live in light and love.

Surrender and trust the process and know you’re not alone, but surrounded with your Divine team as it is the Will of Source for you to nourish all of you and prosper.

1. How do you feed your body and Soul daily?

2. What is one thing you can do today to love yourself in totality?