There is Power in Spiritual Surrender

June, 2022

God gives us all choice. Sometimes our ego gets in the way and we think we’re in total control, but there’s something greater than our ego and that’s the infinite power within us that gives us life and that power is greater than we are.

When you understand this concept and believe this, you have something to fall back on. Know that it is not all on us to have or create a harmonized, profitable, fruitful, wholesome way of living. So, totally surrender to the force or power which can and will supply all of your needs. If you trust the process, you can have and do anything you choose for your greater and highest good just for the asking.

Surrender yourself into the safety of an all-powerful omnipotent source and you will be supplied. Surrender all to the source and know that it will be given unto you. You must practice believing or knowing that this powerful, loving, giving source has your back and you can trust that it’s true.

Take a chance to test the process and watch it work, then you’re stretching out on faith and surrendering your ego to something that has more power than you.

Jesus said, “if you make one step, I’ll make two”, so that’s confirmation that a higher power has your back and if you do your part through action to make things happen, oh how comforting it will be to know that you’re not out here by yourself trying to make a beautiful harmonized, balanced, spiritually-filled life.

Surrender and trust the power of the universe/God to supply your every need and request and watch the supplies come rolling in. Surrender all!!!

If you live with fear and worry, you know you’re not connected and have not surrendered.

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