(February, 2022)

Everybody doesn’t want to achieve certain social status goals that describe a prosperous or famous person. They may just want to be content with what gives them joy, peace and happiness without the abundant wealth.

Whatever the desire is can be found by being quiet and going within to listen to the still voice that whispers and guides you, if you’re listening.

You may discover that what others may want for you, may not be what you want for yourself.

After going within, spending introspective time, listening, feeling the joy and peace that

permeates your being, filling you with excitement and enthusiasms, you may want to constantly experience this pleasurable happy feeling in your life. If so, then decide to get laser focused on setting a plan into action and being persistent in doing what it takes to implement that plan.

So, become that artist who sets up his/her easel and blank palette, gather the colorful, joyful paints to design and paint your life’s journey and be consistent in bringing your plan for yourself into existence.

How to Take Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

As we’re dealing with this global challenge of the corona virus and trying to process this so called “new normal” situation that we’ve been presented with, we will need to focus on what we can do to protect ourselves, not only physically, but emotionally, psychologically and spiritually as well.

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Knowing Your Worth

Is there a small voice in your head that tells you you’re worth more? That there is more to life and more to you? Have you had chit chatter and a constant story going on in your head? If your answer is “Yes”, you’re not alone.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Blissed

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our business in profound ways. Our business, CreateWhole™ Wellness Services/Blissed, an Inward Sanctuary + Wellness Retreat Center offers accommodations and holistic health services to guests, but due to decrease in travel, clients are not able to visit, tour nor book accommodations into our space.

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Finding Harmonious Relationships

It seems that finding harmonious, long lasting relationships comes few and far between. You and your partner having a caring, intimate and harmonious relationship with magnificent compatibility is possible.

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25 Quick Tips for Better Wellness

Be the best version of yourself!

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What Happens if You Don’t Improve Your Diet?

When you improve your diet you not only eat, feel and look good, but you’ll feel happy. Consuming a healthy diet means to eat a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats. Not improving your diet can contribute to stress, being overweight, hypertension, poor concentration, high cholesterol, tiredness and can impair your ability to function daily at an energized level.

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Simple Home-Cooked Meals


Wholesome Eats™ Cooking, consists of a series of simple, mouth-watering recipes, most of which are made with five ingredients or less, and can easily be recreated and prepared in under 20 minutes at home.  In this series you will learn new techniques of cooking, taste many new foods and expand your knowledge about nutrition. Wholesome Eats™ Recipes created by Blissed™ Retreats/CreateWhole™ Wellness Services.   

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