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Sharing Love and Light in 2023

December, 2022 At this juncture in our human existence where our health and wellness are, in many ways at risk, with the increasing stress, anxiety, and mental illness among other issues, sharing Love and Light is more important than ever before. When you are offering someone love and light, you’re offering the ideal energies of […]

There is Power in Spiritual Surrender

June, 2022 God gives us all choice. Sometimes our ego gets in the way and we think we’re in total control, but there’s something greater than our ego and that’s the infinite power within us that gives us life and that power is greater than we are. When you understand this concept and believe this, […]

Being Confident in Your Own Skin

(3/22) Self-confidence is being self-reliant and self-assured in your ability to achieve personal and professional success. Being confident is to feel grounded and secure in your authentic self and to know how you choose to successfully share your unique gifts in the world. To be confident in your own skin you possess a quiet knowing of […]


(February, 2022) Everybody doesn’t want to achieve certain social status goals that describe a prosperous or famous person. They may just want to be content with what gives them joy, peace and happiness without the abundant wealth. Whatever the desire is can be found by being quiet and going within to listen to the still […]


1/6/2022 It is now well known that we are Souls having a human experience in a physical body that needs to be nourished. We need to nourish all parts of ourselves to sustain our well‑being. Different parts of our body need different foods. We care for our physical body by feeding it food that we put into […]